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Continuing Education for Healthcare and Human Service Professionals in Central Illinois

Now Enrolling: Human Trafficking

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Human Trafficking: Creating Awareness in Rural America

Conflict as Catalyst for Understanding: Spirituality in Healthcare

HSEC conferences provide healthcare and human service professionals with continuing education for certification and licensing. Most all-day conferences are 6 hours.

HSEC is committed to providing continuing education that addresses issues and challenges in the helping professions. Presenters of HSEC conferences are experts in their fields of study, delivering information on best practices including theoretical and practical applications to clinical practice.

What’s in store for this year?

  • On November 2, 2018, our conference will be Safe Zones: Creating Safe Spaces for Sexual and Gender Minorities

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Past HSEC conferences addressed a wide range of topics.

In the Weeds: Delving into the Complexities of Medical Marijuana 9/21/17 Franc Hudspeth
Prevent Secondary Stress: Practice Self-Care –
Annual Spirituality in Health Care Conference
4/20/17 Robert J. Wicks, Stephen Dynako
A Refreshing Look at Ethics and A Fresh Look at Supervision 3/2/17 Ann McCaughan
Understanding and Treating Self Injury 10/20/16 Wendy Lader
Cultural Competence: Understanding the Role of Diversity in the Helping Professions 3/11/16 Ann McCaughan
Concealed Carry and Revealed Obligations: Legal and Ethical Obligations to Report Clear and Present Danger and the “Duty to Warn or Protect” 10/1/15 Sandra Kopels
Workplace Bullying and Abusive Conduct 5/14/15 Gary Namie
Bend Don’t Break: Cultivate Resilience and Well-Being –
Annual Spirituality in Health Care Conference
Pain Recovery 10/23/14 Mel Pohl
Interpersonal Complex Trauma in Children: An Integrated Approach 4/10/14 Eliana Gill
Health Literacy: Helping People Help Themselves –
Annual Spirituality in Health Care Conference
Chronic Illness: Meaning and Connection –
Annual Spirituality in Health Care Conference
Legal and Ethical Issues Affecting Human Service Providers 3/28/13 Sandra Kopels
Suicidal Service Members: Brief Cognitive Therapy Treatment 8/30/12 Craig Bryan
Dialectical Behavior Therapy 3/8/12 Ronda Oswalt Reitz
Betrayal, Lies and Secrets: Living with Addiction 8/25/11 Claudia Black
Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy: Treating Children with Complex Trauma and Disorders of Attachment 10/01/10 Arthur Becker-Weidman
Aging Gracefully: The Whole Family’s Challenge 8/26/10 Sara Honn Qualls
Suicide: Prevention, Risk Assessment and Intervention 4/23/10 Mariann Blacconiere
Play Therapy: Working with Children through Creative Expression 2/5/10 Rise Van Fleet